Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Symbolic comparison

Mark Lashley’s commentary on the lesson “Meet Divine Expectations” asks, “How are you taking care of your vineyard?” I like this direct application because it forces the reader to deal with the question, “To what symbol would God use to describe me?” (I’m assuming it’s not a vineyard.)

Israel was described symbolically as a blessed vineyard in Isaiah 5:1-12. They had every opportunity and were cared for, and should have produced righteousness. Instead they produced unrighteousness.

If God wrote a song about Christians, what would He use to symbolically describe them? “living stones”? (1 Pet 2:5) “a building”? (1 Cor 3:9-10). “good soldiers”? (2 Tim 2:3-6). “sojourners”? (1 Pet 2:11). “sheep” (John 21:16-17, 1 Pet 2:25, Heb 13:20).

I could go on to list: children, a family, a bride, salt and light, fish, and probably more.

Use this list to help your class understand the many ways in which God tries to help us understand how He thinks of us.

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