Saturday, February 21, 2009

Labor day

Mark Cimijotti of Carmel Baptist Church posted his lesson plan for “You can keep at it” that includes a two-page learner handout (page down to the end of the document).

Faithful Jeff Meyer of Bayleaf Baptist also posted a lesson plan, and Kelly Kinto from Second Baptist, Houston posted a lesson plan. He relates his military experience of maintaining order to the lesson. His reference to ‘labor’ made me think of “Labor Day”.

My Powerpoint slides for “You can keep at it” may be helpful to some of you, too.


McBetty said...

Not sure how to send you email from your blog.
Next lessons in the Lifeway series are on Isaiah.
Anne Graham Lotz's book I SAW THE LORD covers Isaiah 1-5 in her first chapter. The rest of the book covers Isaiah 6, summing it up at the end.

servingHim said...

McBetty, you can reach me here with a comment.

BTW, I like your One Year Bible Blog. Good stuff.