Monday, March 09, 2009

Act on Revealed Truth, Isaiah 7:1-14, 16

If you can believe it, the background passage for this week’s lesson, “Act on Revealed Truth” covers 24 chapters (Isaiah 7:1-23:18)! Fortunately, the focal passage (Isaiah 7:1-14, 16) is short enough.

When we taught the same focal passage three years ago, our lesson was titled, “Do you take God at His Word?” I’d bet the lesson writers at Lifeway knew of this title, and perhaps even those used back in the day of Herschel Hobbs, too. It must be an interesting exercise to sit in a Lifeway meeting to decide lesson titles on passages that have been taught many times.

A more interesting topic is Isaiah 7:14. Be sure and spend the time this week praying and studying this verse to make sure you understand it well.

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