Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tullock's comments just in...

I encourage you to read Dr. Sam Tullock’s lesson commentary this week. It is especially helpful given the length of the lesson background passage (17 chapters). I used it to update my PPT slides for the lesson.


Steven Lynch said...

Sadly... Tullock totally missed some incredible discoveries in Is. 18. Especially the last verse.

Don't get so caught up in condemnation that you miss the prophetic details that shout at us across time.

Verse 18:7 is tied to Zephaniah 3:10 and Acts chapter 8 where a certain Ethiopian Treasurer was looking to fulfill scripture when The Holy Spirit intercepted him with Philip the Deacon... to explain things a little clearer.

Great Historical and Prophetic teaching opportunity missed.

servingHim said...

Go easy on Dr. Tullock. His chore was to outline 17 chapters in about a page, so anyone might have omitted the prophetic point you mention. I did! Moreover, chp 18 was not part of the Lifeway lesson focus, so your issue may reside more with the Lifeway editors?

Anyway, your point about prophecy is still a good one. If I had known it at the time i would have brought it out in the slides I posted.

Thanks Steven!

Steven Lynch said...

Oh... you better believe I got a problem with Lifeway Editors...

But rather than go on some unproductive harangue about it... I'd rather offer some fruitful teaching that maybe...just maybe you and your class could appreciate.

Let me direct you to a little Radio Program called "66/40" (66 books of the Bible, 40 Authors) and a rebroadcast from a Prophecy conference in Branson, MO back in August 2001.

I suspect due to the timing of this conference and what happened in September... it may have been overlooked by the Evangelical community.

Listen to it here:

The 4 shows start with "The Seat of Mercy".

I can only verify that a reporter from "The Economist" was the original source for this information... AND that the Catholic Church and The Associated Press have both attempted to verify what is going on in Ethiopia in 2002-2003.

It's some amazing stuff... and the Bible study these two guys do on the topic really gives some new insights into some areas of scripture that have been somewhat mysterious.

I highly recommend you set aside some time to listen. I believe some of the shows may still be available as Podcasts on iTunes as well.

If you find you're interested... I may be able to hook you up with some additional info.

send me an email: