Monday, March 16, 2009

Bible software

I was pleased with how my lesson went yesterday. I felt that it was informative (not just interesting) and challenging (not just accurate). This week we study a lesson titled, "Follow the Lord's Will," based on Isaiah 24:1-35:10.

I'm hoping you'll comment (below) and tell me if you use Bible software installed on your PC, or not. I've used Quickverse Bible software in the past, and occasionally use iLumina, but in general, I use the web instead of any locally installed software. However, a friend is talking to me about using Logos Bible Software. Have any of you used it?

Don't be shy. Let me hear from you.


Anonymous said...

I use WordSearch software to help with my lessons.

Jim said...

I use, generally the NIV. I have Quickverse installed. I like to correlate it with the notes in my study Bible.
My Quickverse is an older version and is so-so.

David Jennings said...

Hi, first off, I enjoy and appreciate your work here.

Regarding Bible software, I've used all of them that are currently available or have been available in the past. None, for me, is better than the Logos Libronix system. Some are better for specific tasks, such as original language study, but only Logos has a depth and breadth of material that allows me to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Bible as a whole in relation to culture and society.