Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Had it backwards

Reading Isaiah 29:15-16 for the lesson, “Follow the Lord’s Will,” made me think of people who work undercover of darkness and think no one can see them. However, God has “night vision” and sees everything that goes on in the affairs of men.

Verse 16 in particular reminded me of the idea that someone "had it backwards!” Our knowledge and wisdom has limits, which we forget. God must see our backward thinking and laugh. I thought the following was funny:

Yahoo Question: “I've worn contact for about 6 years with no problems. But today, one of them keeps moving around and falling out and it's become a real hassle. I couldn't even see clearly while driving to work! I put in a new one, but nothing has changed. Any tips on what I can do? It's ruining my day!!!”

Yahoo Answer: The only reason mine did that is if I had it in backwards, inside out.

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