Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Baptist, Chester, IL is back!

FBC, Chester, IL posted their question based lesson plan for “Claim Your Freedom”, which I reproduced below since their link is not sticky.

Galatians 5:1-15
“Claim Your Freedom”

-Share your name with the class and give us your definition of freedom.
-If you break the law can you expect to loose your freedom? Can you be forgiven by God if you break the law? Is there any sin that you can commit that God will not forgive you for?
-How many translations of the Bible do we have in class today? Let’s read Galatians 5:1a from the different versions. What does this simple verse say to you in your own words?
-Have you ever been imprisoned by an unfulfilling job? How about a difficult relationship... a lengthy illness or a financial problem? How did you feel when you broke free from that situation? How is that freedom comparable to the freedom you receive in Christ?
-Have you ever intellectually accepted something as true but then acted as if you did not believe it? Does anyone want to elaborate?
-The Galatians listened and said they believed Paul when he taught them about “faith” alone but then they still tried to earn their salvation! Does that sound like anyone you know?
-Why do you think Paul told them to “STAND FIRM”? What is the yoke of slavery that he told them to avoid?
-Truth time! Have you ever allowed your faith to become burdensome, like a yoke? How were you able to have that burden lifted?
-If you could give some good advice to another believer about not becoming burdened and bogged down with legalism in their Christian life, what would you say?
-Do you know anyone who has fallen from grace? Can someone explain how a Christian can fall from grace?
-What does Paul tell us the person living by faith is eagerly awaiting?
-If a person wanted to be righteous or to be in a right relationship with God; can they do so by following a list of dos and don’ts?
-If you were placed in prison for several years and finally were released, would you choose just to stay there instead of enjoying your freedom? As a Christian freed by Jesus why do you sometimes place yourself back in chains?
-Does the promise of future righteousness offer you hope in your Christian faith?
-What two metaphors did Paul use as he wrote about Christian faith and legalism?
-Would you describe your Christian life as a sprint or a marathon? What would you like it to be?
-Is it possible to compromise the Christian truth? Can small compromises lead to bigger ones?
-Here is the million dollar question!!! Is Christian freedom a license to sin? What did Paul say in verses 13-15?
-Have you ever seen Christian freedom abused? How? What do you do to avoid such abuse in your own life?
-Do you know of any church that has ever fought among themselves? Why is possible that Christians can experience huge bitter disagreements with fellow believers? How much damage can such conflicts do to the kingdom of God?
-To sum up Paul this week, what is the essential ingredient to a saving relationship with God?
-Let’s pray, asking God to fill us with His spirit of love for one another, thanking Him for our freedom by His love for us.


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Next week the link in the Anonymous comment will point to a different set of questions, which are not relevant in the context of this week's lesson, "Claim Your Freedom." That's what I mean about the FBC Chester link not being "sticky." Hope this is more clear.