Tuesday, June 09, 2009

In God we trust

Simply teaching what the focal verses mean for the lesson, “Receiving the Gospel,” is a good teaching plan. Galatians 2:11-3:25 is so rich in meaning.

However, you may want to include illustrations regarding trust. One idea is to ask members how we demonstrate trust as we go about our living in modern society.

For example, we exhibit trust when driving that an on-coming driver will stay in his lane. Momentarily, we put our safety in their hands as we wiz by one another. As another example, we put our livelihood at risk when we trust co-workers to perform their jobs to a level that everyone succeeds. And we trust the pastor will be prepared to deliver a message from God’s Word on Sunday morning when we gather in the worship center to hear him preach.

Finally, IN GOD WE TRUST first appeared on the 1864 two-cent coin. Hold up a US coin and ask how Christians exhibit “in God we trust”?

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