Thursday, June 04, 2009


What was it about the message (false gospel) of the Judaizers that appealed to the Gentile Christians in the Galatian churches? What inspired those believers to quickly embrace a different gospel?

For Step 3 of the lesson, “Talking about the gospel,” I’m thinking about highlighting a few of the reasons people converted to Judaism. For example, Andre Tippett said, "The thing about Judaism that has got me excited is the tradition," says Tippett. Bob Tufts said, "Having grown up and questioning my beliefs a little more, I was more attuned to trying to live a better life in the here and now rather than in the hereafter."

These statements can be set over and against the God inspired truth of the gospel in Paul’s life.

Does anyone have recent statistics for Baptists converting to other denominations, or cults?

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