Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Live by faith

Jeff Meyer’s lesson plan for “Living By the Gospel” notes that “growth and life go hand-in-hand”. Personally, I’ve discovered that growth not an automatic (I may use the analogy of an automatic transmission vs manual shift to move to higher gears).

I previously posted PPT slides for an Explore the Bible lesson titled “Growth is Intentional” based on 2 Peter 1:1-11 taught back on May 6, 2007.

I’ve posted many times on ‘growth’ as we are discussing in this week’s lesson. For example, you may want to look at Evidence of Spiritual Growth. It references, Transformational Discipleship, by Barry Sneed & Roy Edgemon, published by Lifeway from which we have the following evidences of spiritual growth and seven some specific hindrances (see p. 32).

1. The Life of the Transformed Believer Models Love, Trust, and Obedience
2. The Transformed Believer Lives in Harmony with God’s Word.
3. The Transformed Believer Sees the World Through the Lens of Scripture-- Phil. 4:8-9
4. The Transformed Believer Has a Relationship with Other Believers
5. The Transformed Believer Makes God’s Love Known to Others

Hindrances to Spiritual Growth
1. The warfare of Satan
2. The ways of the World
3. The war against self
4. Lack of knowledge and understanding
5. Drifting away
6. Rebellion
7. Distraction


Popnre said...

I look forward to your blogs each week and find a lot of help here. There are certain teacher plans that you feature from time to time that I find really helpful. Kelly Kinto and Jeff Meyer are two that come to mind. Is there a link available to be able to locate and perhaps download their lesson plans directly...? Thanks for what you do!!

servingHim said...

Howdy popnre,

Yes, I agree those plans are usually very helpful. Jeff posts every week but the links change every time we start a new series. Kelly seems to not post regularly, but 2nd baptist seems to post her plans, or someone else's.

For Jeff, see the following link:

For 2nd Baptist, try:

Thanks for your comments!