Monday, July 07, 2008

Barnabas: Encouragement, Acts 11:19-12:25

In last Sunday’s lesson, I asked members a question: Who would eat the food of a culture that was foreign to them? That hit home. Most people said, “no way”, and reacted negatively. This surfaced a lack of openness on their part, and paved the way for the point of the lesson.

This week we are studying, “Barnabas: Encouragement” based on Acts 11:19-12:25. Clearly, Barnabas had the gift of encouragement (see Romans 12:6-8).

As I read the background verses, it grabbed my attention that Barnabas went to look for Paul to bring him in on the work God was doing in Antioch. Barnabas invited Paul into a positive, growing endeavor at the Antioch church. Can you think of a positive, personal experience with referral recruiting?

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