Monday, July 21, 2008

Jerusalem: Facing Conflict, Acts 15:1-35

This week’s lesson is “Jerusalem: Facing Conflict” and is based on Acts 15:1-35.

After the IBM PC was introduced in 1981, it became the Company’s “Billion Dollar Baby”. Because of its market success, IBM’s Boca Raton PC group was later ‘reigned in’ and forced to introduce products made according to IBM’s traditional success factors—proprietary designs. Ultimately this decision killed the IBM PC business, which was later sold to Lenovo, a Chinese company.

Christianity began as a sect of Judiasm and experienced hyper growth. Gentiles became believers, and the Church in Jerusalem faced a choice. Should Gentile believers be forced to continue the practices of Judiasm in order to be saved (as if keeping the Mosiac Laws could actually result in eternal salvation)? Fortunately, the apostles and elders in the Church made the right decision, and Christianity continued to grow as God willed.

If anyone from Lifeway reads this site, I pray they would bother to help the rest of us understand why a lesson on resolving conflict from Acts 15, omits Paul and Barnabas’ disagreement over John Mark (Acts 15:36-41). Surely there is a good explanation, but it escapes me.

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