Thursday, July 31, 2008

PPT slides for Athens: Facing Questions, Acts 16-18

Jeff Meyer’s lesson plan for “Athens: Facing Questions” points to the Lifeway Extra suggestion of using a recent survey indicating some believers think all religions lead to salvation. He also links to a couple of charts from the North American Mission Board comparing Historic Christianity to other world religions as well as various cults. Check out his comments.

I’ve posted my PPT slides for the lesson. If you “play” the slides, you’ll see that I decided to take a “question” approach to presenting the Scriptures (sort of keying off the lesson title). In other words, instead of teaching specific points about each lesson passage, I will present the passage and then ask members questions, which lead to the points I want to teach.

Just thought I’d try something different since I feel like I was in a rut this past Sunday. If you take this approach, watch your time to make sure the discussions don’t prevent you from covering the focal passages. Have fun!

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