Thursday, July 03, 2008

Rooftop revelation

Reading the lesson, “Peter: Openness”, creates some questions for me. Am I in opposition to God’s work in the lives of others around me? Members of the “circumcision group” were opposing God’s will to deliver Gentiles.

How about this one: When was I last silenced by God’s handiwork? Some members of the circumcision group were silenced (Acts 11:18) when Peter told them how the Holy Spirit was given to Gentile believers.

Can you recall any “rooftop experiences” in your life? I remember once being on the roof of my parents’ home doing some repair work, when it came to me how I could buy a car that I wanted. Not in the same ballpark as Peter’s vision though.

Read this story of a Rooftop Revelation and decide if it can be used in your lesson. The story has many positive elements related to our lesson, but it also has a clear error that makes it questionable. However, you may be able to turn its error into a key point relevant to the lesson.

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