Saturday, July 26, 2008

This just in...

Dan Kassis, Internet Producer from LifeWay Sunday School, sent an email yesterday suggesting “an idea to begin your class session: Ask two learners to agree to take opposing sides in a spontaneous debate about one of any number of ‘trivial’ matters - which cola is the best, what team will win the championship, or something similar. Allow each person to state his or her case. Then give time for each person to refute the other's arguments. Take a vote from the other learners to decide the winner.”

Also, I made a few slide tweeks on my PPT for the lesson "Jerusalem: Facing Conflict".


Anonymous said...

Check out this link for simple and topically relative illustrations...I attached the link for 'conflict'

I especially like that they cite their sources. Hope this helps everyone prepare.

God Bless,


servingHim said...

Thanks kaf. A sense of humor can help ease tension in a conflict, but in this example it resolved the conflict!